Old Age Sell Down

An Old Man Selling His Toys

Uzi Picture M16A1 Colt   $29,000

I purchased this factory Colt, new in the box, in 1997 from the original owner. Have not fired a single round through the original upper. Probably 1000 rounds fired through accessory upper. Stock has been replaced with a three position folding stock. Gun will come with original box, sling, stock, and manual. Double Reddi-Mag magazine holder installed on M16 lower.Original owner purchased M16 just before ban in 1986 as an investment.I want to sell to a Virginia resident only to avoid complications of dealing with Class 3 Dealers. I will sell gun without the accessories for $4500 less. For selling prices of NFA weapons,Class III, see Machine Guns.

Accessories Picture M16 Accessories

M16 Accessories Included (minus $4500 from M16 without Accessories)

Uzi Picture Uzi   $11,000

This IMI Israeli Class 3 Uzi Model B was purchased just prior to ban in 1986. Owned by two Martinsville old guys and shot very rarely. Price includes multiple magazines and a leather shoulder holster.For selling prices see Submachine Guns

Uzi Picture Uzi Stock Unfolded

If you need more pictures or information to decide if you are interested, contact Joe by phone or email as shown below. For a discussion of laws concerning NFA weapons or investment potential select links below.